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ComeHome.Net is a Free Private Family Web Site for close and extended family. Keep in touch with all your family members, no matter how far away they live. Share recipes, photo albums and genealogy information as if you lived on the same block. Use your family calendar to keep track of important dates and schedule get-togethers. The interactive gift lists help family members coordinate gift giving, so everyone gets just what they want. Your whole family can enjoy this private meeting site. Please take a moment to look at and then make yourself at home!

Photo Album Create photo albums for each family member, for holidays and other family gatherings, even for your family pet. If you have older photos that are too delicate for handling, you can preserve the image forever on your family's website. Your family has unlimited space for storing photos.
Diary Create a journal for each member of your family which can be kept private or shared with family members. Use your diary for personal thoughts, notes on your favorite hobby, keeping a record of your child's early years, as a travel diary, or enter old diary entries from your ancestors so everyone in the family can share those memories.
Recipes Your family's heritage is often carried in the recipes that you pass along and share with your loved ones. Keep all your family's recipes in ComeHome's easy-to-use recipe book.
Gift List Have you ever received a gift you did not want? Do you have trouble finding the right gift for family members? ComeHome's gift list lets you find out what each family member wants, which gifts they want the most, and which gifts have already been purchased for that family member.
Genealogy For every family there is an easy-to-use family tree in As each member enters their address and other contact information, they also enter all their direct family relationships (parents, spouses, and siblings). ComeHome uses that information to compile your family tree.
Calendar Coordinating family gatherings can be difficult, but ComeHome's interactive family calendar makes it easy. Family members can enter their important plans, and choose whether to make those plans visible to other members. ComeHome will even remind you of important dates.
Announcements The annoucements feature is a bulletin board for your entire family. You can send messages to individual family members, or post an annoucement for everyone to see.
Favorite Websites With the Favorite Websites feature you store the locations of all your favorite websites, and a description of each one as well. You can also choose which websites to share with your family and which to keep private.
Timeline You can have a visual history of your family with ComeHome's timeline. There is no easier way to keep track of all the important events in your family's history.
Roundtable Family meetings are easy with ComeHome's discussion feature. The roundtable allows you to introduce topics to your family members which they can then reply to at their convenience. You can even set up your account to notify you when there's been a response to your roundtable topic.
Inventory Keep a record of all your family belongings in a safe place, or track the value of your family's collectibles. Simply create an inventory for each location, and enter your items along with information that would be helpful should your family's property become lost of damaged.
Yard Sale Is there an item in your house that you don't need, but you don't want to give it away to a stranger? Keep it in the family with ComeHome's yard sale. Just enter a description, and your treasure will be listed with those of other family members.
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