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The Doe Family Genealogy

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GenealogyGENEALOGY - The Genealogy feature will display your family tree and details about family members. For the family tree to be complete, you enter the direct relationships for each member of your family including parents, children, siblings, and spouses.
  • The genealogy feature uses one person as a focus and shows all their direct relationships. By changing the focus person you can view your entire family's history, including dates for births, deaths, and marriages. This can help to keep a large family straight, and let you know at a glance who everyone is, and what their relation is to you.
  • You can use the genealogy display to show the family generations. This way you can have a permenant record of your family, to show to future generations.

  • You will be logging in to the Doe family pages as Katherine Ray Doe. When you click on the Continue button at the bottom of this window, you will enter the Genealogy feature with Katie as the 'focus person' in the upper left of the display. You can change the focus by selecting another person, or click on the 'maternal' or 'paternal' backward arrows to see the mother or father of the focus person. You can get the details of the focus person by clicking on their name. All the editing capabilities have been disabled.

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