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The Doe Family Gift List

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Gift ListGIFT LIST - With interactive family gift lists in, every family member can get just what they want.

  • You can set up multiple gift lists, such as one for any occasion and special lists for showers, housewarmings, or graduations.
  • In your Gift Lists, you can enter any items you want, describe them, tell how many you need, what they cost, and even suggest where to buy them.
  • Gift Lists are conveniently divided into categories, and items in each category are arranged by how much you want them.
  • In your other family members' Gift Lists, you can see whether any of the gifts they want have already been purchased by someone else, mark the items you plan to buy, or add gift ideas you think that person might want.
  • When you look at your own lists, you see only the gift ideas and changes you have entered. Entries made by others such as gift ideas and what they are getting you are hidden from you.
  • Better than the store registries because you can personalize and prioritize. Instead of many gift lists at several different stores, you can have one single list that displays all your gift ideas. It also allows you to prioritize them, so you can let everyone know what you want most of all. Our gift lists also let you enter the name and web address of the store, so you can let people know where to go by that special gift.
  • Others in your family can also add and edit gifts in your gift list. This lets them give the rest of the family gift ideas for you, and those ideas are visible to everyone but you, so you never know what you may get next.
  • Set up your company employees as family members and let them enter what they want for company rewards and bonuses.

    You will be logging in to the Doe family pages as Mary Elizabeth Doe. Mary just turned 11, and she created most of her gift list by herslf. When you click on the Continue button at the bottom of this window, you will see exactly what Mary sees when she selects the Gift Lists from her main menu. However, all editing capabilities have been disabled.

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