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The Doe Family Favorites

Favorite Family Sites
FavoritesFAVORITES - The Favorites feature allows you to save your favorite sites in a conveniant place, with plenty of room for describing them. You can keep your Favorites sites to yourself or share them with the rest of your family.
  • Each family member can enter their favorite URLs, with a description of the site. You can also choose whether to let the whole family see the Favorite site, or keep it private. In addition, you can access these favorites anywhere in the world, with any browser.

  • You will be logging in to the Doe family as Jonathan Carter Doe, III. JD uses the internet every day, so he has a lot of sites saved in his account. When you click on the Continue button below, you will see exactly what JD sees when he selects the Favorites feature from his main menu. However, all editing capabilities have been disabled.

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