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The Doe Family Timeline

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TimelineTIMELINE - The Timeline feature can become a record of your family's history, as well as its present. Each new family event you enter is arranged by date on the timeline. Then by clicking on the title of each event you can find out more details. You can even add photos to help illustrate your family's special moments.
  • The timeline is the history of your family. Each family member can enter special events into the timeline, and the rest of the family can view this timeline and add their own events or bits of family history. With this timeline, you can keep the history of your family alive for many years to come.
  • With this timeline, you can put in the important events in your family's past, and have a visual record of them in chronological order.
  • With the Timeline, you can quickly and easily enter and view important days in the history of your family. Never again wonder about birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates.

  • You will be logging in to the Doe family as Tamara Shealyn Jones. When you click on the Continue button below, you will see exactly what Shea sees when she selects the Timeline feature from her main menu. However, all editing capabilities have been disabled.

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