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The Doe Family Calendar

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CalendarCalendar - The family calendar is another free feature that helps to bring and keep your family together. Family events are easier to schedule, and can be checked at a glance. You can schedule important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, and set up to remind you with an e-mail up to one week in advance. You can even schedule shared family resources, such as a vacation home, fishing boat, or grandma's pool, so that there's no confusion. The Calendar makes it even easier to keep your family close.
  • Enter trips into the family calendar to let everyone know where your headed. You can even display your itenerary to let everyone see what you will be doing on your trip.
  • If your family shares a vacation house, boat, or even a lawn mower, the calendar allows you to display this family resource to let all the family know about it. It also lets you schedule when you will be using it, to avoid any confusion or conflicting schedules.
  • Enter dates for births, bar mitzvahs, or graduations to let the whole family know about it. You can also put these days on the Announcements page to make sure everyone sees them when they log in.
  • These days can be programmed to repeat every week, month, or year. Can be used for birthdays, a monthly meeting, or even a weekly class.

  • You will be logging in to the Doe family Calendar as Elizabeth Anne Doe. When you click on the Continue button below, you will see exactly what Liz sees when she opens her Family Calendar from the main menu at the top of her screen. However, all editing capabilities have been disabled.

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