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The Doe Family Announcement Page

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AnnouncementsANNOUNCEMENTS - The Announcements page is the first thing you see when you log in to your family site, and it serves as your family's bulletin board. Every new announcement can be set to last for days, weeks, or months. Messages can be sent to the e-mail accounts of any or all family members, and are also seen on the members' Annoucements page.
  • The Announcements feature allows you to enter a message that each relative will see as they enter This way important family events can be shared quickly and easily among the entire family, keeping your family in touch no matter where they are.
  • You can also send Messages to specific family members at their e-mail addresses. This feature lets family members who cannot easily access the web, but have an email account stay up to date on current family events.

  • You will be logging in to the Doe family as Francis Solati Ray. When you click on the Continue button below, you will see exactly what Fran sees when she selects the Annoucements feature from her main menu. However, all editing capabilities have been disabled.

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