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The Doe Family Recipes

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RecipesRECIPES - The Recipe feature makes it so easy to share your family's heirloom recipes, as well as newly discovered recipes. Family members use the simple format to enter ingredients and instructions, and choose the category in which the recipe belongs (appetizer, poultry, etc.). Family members can also choose to be notified every time a new recipe is entered. If you belong to more than one family (your family and your spouse's family?) you can share recipes between families without having to enter them twice.
  • Have an adventurous cook in the family? They can enter their newest recipes to share with the rest of the family. They can also modify it at a later date to make it even tastier.
  • Keep all your favorite family recipes preserved forever in a safe place. Its also easy to print out the recipes to give to others, instead of trying to copy an old and faded recipe card by hand.
  • Have everyone in the family contribute their favorite recipes into a family recipe book online. This book can include as many recipes as you can think up, and can be accessed from any kitchen.
  • Enter recipes for family members with special nutritional or dietary needs. THis way everyone can help ensure that they eat right and stay healthy.

    • You will be logging in to the Doe family pages as Samuel James Doe. When you click on the Continue button at the bottom of this window, you will see exactly what Sam sees when he selects the Recipes from the main menu. However, all editing capabilities have been disabled.

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